Key Ingredients:

Anantmul, Arjunchhal, Bakul, Babhool, Clove, Elaichi, Jeera, Neem, Pipali etc.


Available in the size of 25g , 50g, 100g .

Use of toothpowder for dental care in a natural way is known to us from ancient times. The use of herbs, barks and other ingredients for natural dental care is being referred in Ayurveda. The ingredients used in Oracare not only cleans teeth, but also strengthens them and protects from any bacterial attacks and decay.

  • Cleanses teeth
  • Fights tooth decay
  • Cleanses skin from dust and grit
  • Strengthens gums
  • Removes bad odor
Directions for Use :
Take the required quantity on your palm or small dish and gently massage it on the teeth from sideways and up down direction. The use of proper toothbrush ( Hard, soft or medium) is important. Even the use of forefinger is better because it gives the proper and sufficient amount of pressure with ones own judgement.