Conditions and colour in a natural way

Key Ingredients:

Henna, Amla, Jaswand, Bhringraj, Neem, Jatamansi


Available in the size of 50g & 100g

Nowadays people are becoming more and more aware of the ill effects of the chemical based hair colours and kali mehendi and that is the reason a lot more of people are moving towards natural henna as a hair colourant to cover up their grey hair. Kesham Herbal henna is the right choice for your hair to impart natural reddish brown to golden tinge to your grey hair and to act as a conditioner for your hair.

    Key Ingredients:
  • Henna :
    Acts as anural colourant and conditioner for your hair.

  • Amla :
    Strengthen the hair roots and acts as natural dye preventing greying of hair.

  • Jaswand :
    Stimulates Hair growth, and hair thickness, Prevents greying.

  • Bhringraj :
    Bhringraj protects hair from thinning and falling.

  • Neem :
    Acts as natural antibacterial and controls dandruff.

  • Jatamansi :
    Makes hair strong ,silky, soft and lustrous. It prevents dandruff.
  • Natural colourant and conditioner
  • Totally free from chemicals
  • Enriched with hair caring and conditioning herbs
Directions for Use :
Soak Kesham Herbal Henna for 4 to 6 hours to make a thick paste. ( You can enhance the effect of Kesham Henna paste by adding lemon juice or tea decoctions.) Apply this paste on hair completely and leave it till it becomes totally dry. Later rinse off thoroughly with water and see the conditioning and colorings effect of Kesham Henna and its herbs.