Jado ko potion baalon main shaan , Yehi hain kesham ki pehchaan Nourishes hairroots , bounce to hair –kesham takes the natural care

Key Ingredients:

Aloevera, Jaswand, Bhringraj, Amla, Jatamansi, Henna


Available in the size of 50ml & 100ml

Hair the important constituent to enhance the beauty of a person is exposed to pollution, unhygienic water, chemical based hair dyes and hair colours etc. Hair and its roots are damaged due to above factors, stress, daily life tensions etc. So it is very important to tackle this hair related problems it is very important that hair roots and hair strands should be properly nourished and taken care of with some effective solution. Kesham ayurvedic scalp lotion an oil free formula with all the goodness and effect of herbs is an effective solution in providing nourishment to hair and scalp. As the herbs in the formulation works on the hair root level the growing hair strand is gifted with luster and silkiness.

    Key Ingredients:
  • Aloevera :
    Aloevera juice has moisturizing and revitalising properties. It exhibits antibacterial actions and increase local micro circulation. So it is highly effective in controlling dermatitis and itching of scalp.

  • Jaswand :
    Stimulates Hair growth, and hair thickness, Prevents greying

  • Henna:
    A very good hair conditioner and colourant. Makes hair soft and silky.

  • Bhringraj :
    Prevents hair loss & dandruff. Promotes healthy black & long hair.

  • Amla :
    Amla enriches hair growth by providing it with natural minerals and vitamins. It strengthen the hair roots and acts as natural dye preventing greying of hair.

  • Jatamansi :
    Himalayan herb used for helping hair growth and providing nutrients to scalp.
  • Nourishment to scalp & hair roots.
  • Stops hairfall and promotes hair growth
  • Strengthen hair roots and hair strands
  • Prevent Dandruff
Directions for Use :
Take required quantity of Kesham Ayurvedic Scalp lotion and massage thoroughly into the scalp. Keep it for minimum 15 -30 minutes or preferably overnight for best results. Apply regularly for a period of 30 days