The real herbal skin rejuvenator
Chemical free skincare for petal soft, glowing skin

Key Ingredients:

Chandan, Neem, Daruhaldi, Multanimati, Orangepeel, Rosepetal.


Available in the size of 60g & 125g.

Jainson Herbal Body scrub is being formulated in the basis of Ayurvedas Dwinishadi Yog formulation. Nowadays pollution, unbalanced diet, tension etc causes a lot of damage to our skin. Skin covers the entire body and acts as a protective shield for all the organs of the body, so it is necessary to take proper and natural care of skin. The cleansing and scrubbing action of Jainson Herbal Body scrub removes dirt, greasiness and dead cells from the upper layer of the body thereby by opening up the pores on the skin. This helps in proper oxygen supply improving the blood circulation and provides a natural glow to the skin.

    Key Ingredients:
  • Chandan :
    Beneficial for improving complexion. Helps fight prickly heat. Effective in many skin problems.

  • Neem :
    Used in skin disorders is a good antiseptic & safeguards the skin from bacterial & germicidal attacks Its regular use helps to eliminate pimples & scars. It heal skin infections & eliminate body odors.

  • Daruhaldi :
    Skin Nourisher and act as a kriminashak

  • Multanimati :
    Natural skin cleanser which removes blemishes grime & improves complexion. Keeps the skin soft by reducing oiliness. Improves blood circulation and adds glow to the skin.

  • Orangepeel :
    Used as a cleansing agent to ensure soft, smooth & supple skin. It reduces wrinkles & gives a glow to the skin.It is widely used in various face & hair packs along with other herbs

  • Rosepetal :
    It gives glow to the skin and brightens up the skin color. It is widely used as face packs to tighten up the skin. It nourishes & smoothens dry skin .It is Cures skin disorders.
  • Completely herbal in natural powder form.
  • Free from all chemicals and cosmetic bases.
  • Cleanses skin from dust and grit.
  • Opens up skin pores for skin respiration
  • Enhances oxygen intake in blood circulation.
  • Provides natural fairness and smoothness to skin
Directions for Use :
Take appropriate quantity of Jainson Herbal Body scrub and as per your skin mix it with rosewater (for oily skin), or either with coconut oil or milk cream or body oil (for dry skin) and form a paste. Apply this paste by scrubbing it over entire body and face from down to upward direction during or before bath. Take a bath with luke warm water and discover the secret of glowing petal soft skin.