Jainson Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. has got ample of spare capacity for the production of its approved range of products. It has enough & sufficient space for storage and handling of Raw-materials / Packaging materials /Finished goods etc. so as to utilize the extra available capacity Jainson Pharmaceuticals Pvt.Ltd.is open for the following:

  • Job Work / Contract Manufacturing: -
    JPPL can manufacture the products under job work / loan license where in the raw-materials & packaging materials will be produced and supplied by the loan licensee and JPPL will only be involved in labor charges. Here the system is like hiring the manufacturing infrastructure of JPPL for manufacture of your products on unit basis.
  • Private Labeling: -
    JPPL can also develop some products specially for one single customer and manufacture it solely only for the said customer under some specified conditions, Here the Rm/Pm will be proceed by JPPL in co-ordination with the customer and then a fixed price for the product will be arrived which will be the selling price of JPPL or the transfer price.
  • Marketing of Some Specific Products: -
    JPPL plans to offer some of its products/Brands for complete marketing and distribution to an established organisation in the relevant field. Here the company will produce the goods solely for the order placed by the marketing partner under a particular terms and condition for mutual benefits.